My man wants sex before marriage


June 03, 2016

Dear Pastor

I am 24 and have a boyfriend. We have been friends for two years.

During the two years, I cannot say we have spent a night together. He doesn't even know if I am a man or a woman. He wants us to get engaged when he comes to Jamaica.

He is in another country. He told me before we are engaged, he wants us to spend a few days at a hotel so we can get to know each other. I told him we can get to know each other after we are married.

I do not believe in sex before marriage. He said, he doesn't want to buy 'puss in bag'. I felt insulted. He said there are lots of men who get married and are disappointed when it gets to sex.

For two years I have turned down other guys. I told them my man is in Canada and am waiting on him. I feel disappointed in him. He is really pressuring me.

I told a member of the family what he had said. I begged her not to say anything. I would like to get married. Why can't he wait until we are married before we have sex?


Dear B.W.

You have to be true to your convictions. I know lots of people would say you are a fool and you should be prepared to give yourself to this man before you are married. You are standing on what the Bible says.

You can compromise with him by going to the doctor and having the doctor confirm that you are, indeed, a virgin and in good health.

If he is not satisfied with that, be prepared to end the relationship.


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