I want to divorce my cheating husband


June 13, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I enjoy reading your column and I am in desperate need of your advice. I am 25 years old and married to a guy who is 30. We have been married for almost two years, but we have been together for much longer. I am in love with my husband so much, but it seems as if our love is only one-sided. The problem that I'm facing right now with him is that he is constantly cheating on me.

I currently reside abroad and I am so tired of always having an argument over his ways. His excuse is, "What do I expect him to do and I'm not there?" I have always told myself that I don't believe in divorce. But, at this point, I'm at my wits end and I asked him for a divorce. He told me he will not sign the papers when he gets them. Pastor, I really need some help.

Tired and Confused

Dear Tired and Confused,

Your husband has admitted that he has cheated. He has not expressed any feeling of remorse. I suppose what he is saying is that you should expect him to continue to cheat until the both of you are living together. I am sure you knew this man was a cheater before you both got married. Did you expect him to stop after you got married to him while you are living abroad? He has indicated that his main reason for cheating is that you are abroad. I could only suggest that both of you should put your plans in place and live together. Make sure that when you visit him or he visits you and you are making love, do not have unprotected sex. Use the condom.


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