I feel tired of my boyfriend


June 14, 2016

Dear Pastor

Just to be clear, I am not pretending that I don't love my ex-boyfriend - I do. However, loving someone does not mean a relationship is meant to be. It was because we loved each other why we rekindled our relationship.

There comes a time when the relationship aspect of my life feels like a cycle. I feel like I need some newness. I am not looking for a perfect man.

I am looking for someone to love and care for me. I don't want to be with someone who I have to question their faithfulness.

I am also looking for a goal-oriented man, most of all a man that has a relationship with God (higher power). That is important to me.

I am very blunt. I tell it like it is, in a respectful way. Likewise, I rather someone tell me the plain truth and spare me nonsense.

I can be a bit domineering. This comes from me making life decisions at a young age. I have a strong personality. I am cognisant that I may come across as aggressive at times, but never disrespectful.

Pastor, I have never done anything bad to my ex. He knows this because he admits it all the time. I show him the ultimate respect and make him feel like the man he is. I pray and ask God to show me clear signs if he is the guy for me.

I will suggest your advice to him, in regards to the counseling. In the interim, I will continue to pray on it. Lately, I have been avoiding him.


Dear K.T.,

I repeat, this man and yourself should go for professional help. I do not have any more comments on what you have said. However, after you have received help from a therapist and six months have passed, I suggest you write and bring me up to date.


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