My mother treated us very badly


July 12, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I grudge people for their good mothers and grandmothers. My grandmother on my mother's side was a good and blessed woman. I was only associated with her for 11 years.

My mother is the opposite of my grandmother. She is unkind to her grandchildren and often says unkind things about them and she would malice them and not give them food.

The only reason they go to her house is because I am there. I am over 40 and I do not have any children because I do not have a place of my own, even though I have tried very hard and worked so hard in life.

My mother didn't treat her children well. But it is only now she is interested in them because of what she can get from them.

Please pray that God will change her before He calls her home because she is now on borrowed time.


Dear E.L.

Your mother is going to regret not treating her children and grandchildren well. Children do not forget the type of treatment they underwent with their parents and grandparents. If they were treated well by their parents, they talk about it with each other not only at family gatherings, but throughout their lives. If they were not treated well, they often hold resentment towards their parents.

I am glad that your grandmother was a good woman and you have happy memories of her. I hope that it is not too late for your mother to change. Don't give up on owning a house of your own. It is much easier to get a house these days. Perhaps you should talk to the folks at National Housing Trust, and they will advise you on this matter.


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