Afraid to tell my husband I am pregnant


July 15, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have been married for almost eight years. I am 33. My husband is 35. I do not believe my husband wanted a child because he has never mentioned a baby to me or said he wants a child.

I recently found out that I am three months' pregnant. I am scared to tell my husband I am having a child. He is has very good job so we are financially stable.


Dear E. G.,

I suggest you inform your husband that you are pregnant. I believe he would be pleased. You said he has never mentioned fathering a child, but that does not mean he doesn't want to.

Perhaps he has never raised it with you because he did not want you to feel depressed or believe he was pressuring you to become pregnant.

If you know, for sure, that you have not had any extra marital affair and it is your husband who has impregnated you, don't be afraid to tell him.

Some women become depressed when their husbands speak to them about becoming pregnant. Make sure you give your husband the good news right away.


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