I stay away from her because of my daughter


July 15, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have had a friend for more than six years. We had a disagreement last year. I really miss her, but she has ways about her that I can't stand.

I talked to her. She told me she's not what people say she is, but my mom caught her in the act. I got mad at her because I have defended her a lot, even when I was not sure.

She's upset with me for calling her a bitch, which I didn't. I have heard men call her worse names, not saying it is right.

I really miss her and wish to have her around, but she won't change. I have a daughter who loves her. What should I do?

S. H.

Dear S. H.

What you need to do is not condemn your friend. Assure her that in spite of what she has done, she can rely on you as a friend.

However, if you know the type of life she is living will have a bad effect on your daughter, you should not allow her to visit your home or go out with you if your daughter is present.


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