My hubby's father cursed me for wearing pants


July 16, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 23 years and married. Before I got married, my husband told me I could not go with him to his father's house, wearing pants. I told him I would not disrespect his father.

Sometimes I wear pants to work. One day I was coming from work and stopped at his parent's house to pick up the baby. I did not remember I had on a pair of pants. When his father saw me, he cursed me and said, "How could you dress like that to come to my house?" I tried to tell him I was coming from work and I in my uniform. He said he did not care, I should not dress like that and come to his house. This thing has caused a big problem between my husband and I because I told him I will not go back to his parents' home, whether I am dressed in pants or skirt. My husband does not see that his father insulted me. He wants me to bow down to his father I cannot do that. Pastor, do you think I am wrong for not going back there?

P. R.

Dear P. R.,

Your father-in-law is very unreasonable. He is behaving as if he has the right to tell you what to wear. He does not have that right. You should not listen to his nonsense.

Your husband should have stood up for you and tell his father that he was unreasonable.

Face it, why should you have gone home and changed into a skirt, just to please your father-in-law? It was not a social visit. You were picking up your child on your way home from work.

I cannot say I disagree with you for not going back to his house.


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