My husband slept with my worst enemy!


July 16, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Pastor, I was married for 10 years. Six were good. My husband started an affair with my worst enemy. Our family never got along because her father was accused of having sex with one of our relatives, many years ago, and it had caused a contention between the two families.

My husband knew that and yet he decided to have an affair with her. He was hiding and going to her house. I saw him with my own eyes and confronted him. I had a knife to stab the girl, but she ran.

That night, I decided to leave my husband because she was known as a 'mattress'. All the men were lying down on her. I couldn't have my husband having sex with her and coming home to me. That is the reason why I left Jamaica. I could never go back to my husband. I lost respect for him.

My two children are here with me. He is begging me to come back, but I am not.

I didn't expect him to cheat on me but, if he was, he shouldn't have cheated with my enemy.

Some of us women try to do the right thing, but these men believe they can't be satisfied with one woman. I came to America and I worked hard. My children are proud of me . I never got involved with another man. I don't want another in my life.

U. P.

Dear U. P.,

I understand what you said. You felt hurt when you realised your husband was having an affair with a woman you considered to be common.

However, I am glad you did not get yourself into trouble by stabbing her. I am glad also that you have been doing well and that you are happy.

Your husband has thrown away a good relationship. Though you are not together, I hope the children will not abandon their father. Please, encourage them to keep in touch and assist him whenever he is in need, if they are able to do so. You are still a young woman. Therefore, if you get a divorce and fall in love again, don't be afraid to get married.


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