My husband wants sex every night


July 19, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 37 years old and my husband is 40. I have not been well, but my husband is very demanding when it comes to sex. He wants it every night.

I try to meet his needs. I cook, clean, and wash. He tells me that he appreciates it, but a man is a man and he wants sex.

He is not the type of man to go out and have an affaire. My sister-in-law told me that her brother has never complained to her about me.

I had a bladder infection and the doctor told me not to have sex until I finished the medication.

My husband hugged me and romanced me until he discharged and then rolled over and slept. I felt sorry for him.

One thing I want to have now is a child. We do not have any children.

I used to have lots of boyfriends, but when I became a Christian, my life changed. I met my husband in the Church. He said I was his third serious girlfriend.

The doctor says that nothing physically is wrong with me, I am only suffering from stress. Pastor, I feel pain all over my body. What do you believe is wrong with me?

E. L.

Dear E. L.,

Your husband knows that nothing is wrong with you physically and that is probably why he ignores you when you say you are not feeling well.

I am sure that your husband is a considerate man and whatever might be happening to you, he will not take advantage of you.

Perhaps because you are unable to become pregnant, it has caused you to become depressed.

Work with your doctor and follow his or her advice. Stop worrying. Cooperate with your husband. He is a good man.


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