My spouse tried to killed me many times


July 19, 2016

Dear Pastor,

When I left my husband, he was on a mission to kill me. He turned violent during our marriage.

When I left him, he tried to run me over. The car jumped the curve and came down, slightly touching my legs. I was sitting on a bench.

A few times, he went to places where I lived and would attack me. This went on for years. I lived in fear.

He stalked me, and he always threatened to kill me. He would just always show up wherever I was, whether it was at work or I was just out.

The Canadian government paid for my divorce, and that's rare, I was told. They also offered to relocate me.

They felt all ties needed to be broken. They went ahead and did it. I stayed in Thunder Bay.

Then laws changed and it became a stalking charge and that would put a person in prison. But before the new law, the person would have to harm you before they would do anything.

It has been years since all that happened. Now he is sick and dying. I have put all that behind me, and now I assist him from time to time.

People are shocked by what I do for him. I truly don't feel any way bad toward him. I feel nothing at all. I do feel happy that I don't carry any burden of the terrible things he did.

For years, it did something to me - just trying to get my head around the fact that someone that was supposed to love me would want to hurt me.

Then I realised it wasn't because I was lacking in something, it was him and his mental state.

S. D.

Dear S. D.,

I am glad that you have overcome the abuse you suffered at the hands of your husband.

Your government was good to you by providing shelter for you. You have a good attitude towards the man who abused you. Now, you are quite willing to assist him as he faces difficult times.

The good Lord will bless you for coming to his rescue. I hope that in his prayers he thanks God for you. Keep strong. May other women learn from your courage. You have a forgiving heart.


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