He gave me money for oral sex


July 21, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am a 21-year-old young woman. I have a lot of problems. I have three sisters but no brothers.

My mother and I get along well, but I can't tell her everything. I can discuss my personal problems with my stepfather.

He knows that I am sexually active. He promised that he would not tell my mother. He tells me all the time to be careful.

He gives me money, but my mother doesn't know. My mother thinks that I love money too much.

My stepfather has never put any question to me. I respect him for that. I can't do without sex. Even when I try for a week, I have to go back to my boyfriend for sex.

I have had sex four times in one week with different guys. They all tell me that they love me. I don't like all of them, but I like what they do to me. They make me feel good.

I am working, but my pay is small. Sometimes I tell the guys that they have to give me something and they do.

I have a nice shape and a nice face. One of my sisters know that I like guys and she is always warning me. My stepfather knows, too.

I don't party a lot. I don't go with men who are over 40. I would like to get married, but every time I meet guys and I talk about marriage, they say they are not going to buy 'puss in bag'. So they say I must have sex with them to see if I am a man or a woman. That is how these guys talk.

I was going to Miami and I didn't have enough money. My mother had to do some business, so she couldn't help me.

I called a guy and he picked me up. I told him that I did not want to go to a hotel and that I was seeing my menses. He told me that I could give him 'head' (oral sex) and he would give me US$200.

He parked his car at a certain place and I gave him head. People were passing, but the windows were up and the car was dark, so they wouldn't know what was going on. He gave me US$200 and J$2,000.

The next morning, my step-father took me to the airport. I know that was bad because I don't know if this guy would have passed on a disease to me, but I trusted him. I am praying to God for a husband. Please pray for me.

N. S.

Dear N. S.,

You are playing with your life. I am not condemning you, however, for having strong sexual urges. Some people have very strong sexual urges, while others do not.

However, everyone has to learn to control his/ her sexual urges. You ought not to be giving your body to Tom, Dick and Harry, or to every man who shows interest in you.

Your desire is to be married, but if you continue to throw yourself around, you will develop a bad reputation.

Men will talk and say that you are no good and that you are trash. Girls will tell their brothers and male cousins not to get involved with you.

Therefore, you need to learn to control yourself.

You think highly of your stepfather. That is good. But how long do you think he will keep secrets for you? You can never know when he will tell your mother that you have not been a good girl.

It seems to me that sometimes your conduct is that of a prostitute. What you did in the car with your male friend while you were seeing your menses can only be described as prostitution.

You shouldn't be proud of yourself. Give God a place in your life. Pray, go to church, read your Bible and ask God to deliver you from the evil one, Satan.


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