Can I have kids if I am not circumcised?


July 22, 2016

Dear Pastor

I am a 20-year-old man and I am having a problem.

I am the first child for my mother, but I was not circumcised. I was born at home. My other brothers were born in the hospital and they were circumcised.

Is it true that I will have problems having sex because I was not circumcised?

My mother told me that I shouldn't worry myself because I was not circumcised, but I heard that it is better for a man to be circumcised.

So I am asking you for your opinion. Should I be circumcised? And if I am not circumcised, would that prevent me from fathering a child, and what would it cost?

I read your column every day. Keep up the good work.


Dear P.L.,

When a male is born in the hospital, the mother is usually asked if she would agree to have the child circumcised.

Some women prefer to have sex with men who are not circumcised, while others prefer men who are circumcised. Whether a man is circumcised or not they can impregnate a woman.

Some doctors encourage women to circumcise their sons for health reasons. In our society, circumcision is encouraged to keep the penis clean.

However, some doctors do not believe that it is necessary to do so. Boys who are not circumcised can be taught how to take care of the penis and to keep it clean.


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