I've lost interest in my man


July 22, 2016

Dear Pastor

I have been hurting emotionally, over and over again, especially over a guy who I have known for over three years.

There has always been chemistry between us and recently we started talking again. We had somewhat stopped talking for a while, but things are not like they used to be.

We are both hurting. I don't know what to do. It really hurts, especially because he says things that tear me apart.

Sometimes I am feeling confused, hurt and emotionally wrecked.

Also I am stuck between two guys at the moment. So what can I do?

L. V.

Dear L. V.,

You have given away yourself by admitting that there is another guy in your life. That might be the reason why there is turmoil in your life.

Where does the other man fit in, and how did he become involved in your life? Did you get involved with him after you started having problems with your boyfriend? If that is so, don't you know that you are putting yourself into a lot of problems?

It is never good for a girl to be entangled with several guys at the same time. She may date different guys as social friends, but she should not become intimate with any of them until she is absolutely sure she has chosen one as her boyfriend. As soon as she has done so, she should not date other men.

So if this guy you are emotionally attached to is your man, you shouldn't have anything to do with the other guy. If you do, you will remain a confused young woman.


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