My man wanted to try anal sex because I am slack


July 22, 2016

Dear Pastor

I am 40 years old and I have four children. My boyfriend is 37, and whenever we have sex, he tells me that I am loose. I told him that he should never tell me that.

He tried to have sex with me in my anus and I told him that if he tried that again, I would leave him. I was very surprised because I love him and our friendship is good. I didn't expect that from him.

I spoke to my gynaecologist. I went to see her after this man told me that my vagina was slack. My gynaecologist told me that nothing is wrong with me and I should not trust my boyfriend.

I am writing to you, Pastor, for your advice because my mind is turning away from my boyfriend. The doctor told me that I should do exercises and that will help to tighten me up. She told me the name of the exercises I should do, but I don't remember. How does that go, Pastor?


Dear G.F.,

Your 37-year-old boyfriend is very out of order and I wouldn't want to encourage you to keep him around, especially if you have young daughters. You never know what he might do.

I know some people would say that I am wrong to say that to you, but I believe that it is my responsibility to tell you the truth. Men who are looking for tightness cannot be trusted, and I fear that they may sexually molest young girls.

I do not know what the doctor told you; however, there are exercises that can be done. These exercises are called Kegel exercises. They were called Kegel because of the doctor who developed them. His name was Kegel.

"Doctor Kegel's primary purpose was to help women regain control of urination after child's birth, but these muscles have also been found to increase that pleasure sensation during intercourse when strengthened." I suggest, therefore, you go online and read about these exercises and practise them.


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