I don't know how to approach this girl I like


July 25, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I see where you have helped many people. I am asking you now for your help.

I am 21 years old. I had a girlfriend, but I stopped talking to her because she doesn't have any manners.

I was at her house one day and I overheard her mother talking to her about having an untidy room. She hissed her teeth at her mother and told her mother that she must not bother her.

I spoke to her about it and she said that her mother was too miserable and she should mind her own business.

I spoke to her about going back to school, but she did not show any interest. She is good-looking, but her behaviour does not suit me.

We never had sex. I told her that I can't continue the relationship with her. She called me names after I told her that it was over between us.

I have been admiring another girl, but she does not know. She is three years older than I. She is a natural girl; she doesn't wear make-up and false hair.

I found out that she doesn't have a boyfriend. She is the president of a youth group. I go to the group meetings just to admire her.

Her people are respectable and they are middle class.

I don't know how to approach her. She may turn me down and laugh at me. She went to university, but I do not have a university education.

She can get any guy that she wants. What can I do to get this girl?

I am working and living at home with my mother and grandmother. I don't know my father.


Dear P.C.,

You are a wise young man. You saw that your ex-girlfriend was not the type of woman that you should have as your girlfriend. That is why you did not go further in the relationship. I congratulate you.

Now you are faced with a dilemma. You are admiring a lovely, young woman. You say she is a natural girl, I know what you mean.

You consider her the ideal woman for you, but you do not believe that she would be interested in you.

Well, sir, you can never tell. You have to try. The way a guy should approach a woman he admires is to pray about it first.

Sometimes you may need to get some advice from men you can trust to give you a little advice.

You say that she is a leader of a youth group. Try to get to the meetings early and if she is alone, volunteer to help her get the place ready or to hand out literature or any printed material.

If she travels on public transport, offer to walk her to the bus stop. Find out when is her birthday and send her a fruit basket or flowers. If you show interest in her in a tangible way, she will know that you are interested in her and she may reciprocate.

If you were to send her a bouquet, she will say thanks to you and when she does so, you could ask her if she would go to see a play with you. If she answers in the affirmative, you would know therefore that everything will be alright.

If the young woman turns you down, don't worry. You will see another woman who would accept you.


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