Sometimes you forgive but never forget!


July 29, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Sometimes a spouse may cheat and it affects the relationship. The love for the spouse who cheated on the other decreases, but you forgive your cheating lover.

However, you constantly remember what happened and it hurts. Sometimes you remind yourself that because of the children you have to try and start all over again, especially if your spouse and yourself have been together for many years and you have children and the children look up to both of you.


Dear N,

Folks must never forget that when couples are in love with each other, some things may go wrong. I hate to say it, but it is true.

A spouse may cheat on the other, but love may bring the couple back together. So I understand what you are saying. You have a good attitude.

A man may never forget that his wife cheated or a woman may not forget that her husband cheated, but if they have forgiven each other, they have done well and their friends should never condemn them. They should bear them up in prayer.


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