I can't sleep at night because of my worries


May 19, 2017

Dear Pastor,

This is my first time writing to you, I always listen to your programme, and I am also a reader of your column. I am 31 years old and I am having a problem. I have two children.

My son is not talking. I don't know what is wrong with him and I am very worried about him. He is living with his father. I am not employed.

I am having problems with my second child's father; he claimed that the child is not his. I am not living somewhere for myself. I have to be seeking somewhere to stay with his child.

I am having sleepless nights. I am staying with a friend, but it seems as if he doesn't want me around him anymore.

My babyfather told me to go back to live with my family, but my family and I are having problems. And he doesn't want me at his house. Sometimes I sit and cry because of the things I am going through.

Please pray for me. I am looking forward for your good advice.


Dear H.W.,

Perhaps what you can seriously consider is giving up the child that you have to a relative or a family who will be happy to take him and raise him until you are in a better position to take him back. You should also have a discussion with the man you know to be the father of the child.

He should not demand that you go to live with your parents. He has a responsibility to take care of his child. He says that he is not the father of the child. You should challenge him in court.

Take him to court for child support. Tell the judge that you are prepared to have a DNA test done to prove he is the biological father.

You need a job and a place to stay. You should consider taking a live-in job, but such jobs are not easy to find these days.

Live-in helpers are demanding so much from employers, which is making household owners reluctant to hire live-in helpers.

You have to be careful how you bounce around from man to man. They will just use you and run you off as they please. I have no easy answer for you, but God is able to help you.

Sometimes they are people in our churches who are quite willing to help persons like you. Do you go to church? Check out your church.

Concerning your son who cannot speak, I am glad that he is with his father. I am sure he will do everything in his power to help his son.


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