Christians are too judgmental


June 07, 2017

Dear Pastor,

Special greetings to you and your staff. There is a thought that I would like to share with you. People who share their testimony in the Church are only arming others members with stones to throw back at them. Church members should not reveal their transgressions to the congregation in testimonies.

For example, sometime ago a young woman wrote to you about declaring her promiscuous background to the Church. In the aftermath, she stated that some members referred to her as a prostitute. In a separate instance, a man revealed that after he confessed to the Church that he was a gunman, someone asked him if he ever killed anyone.

Now, Pastor, it is irrelevant for converts to publicly open the door to their personal lives arbitrarily. After a person surrenders his/her will to the Creator, nothing more needs to be said. What is done, is done.

Many people in the Church sit there and take in other people's transgressions, then they appoint themselves prosecutors, jurors, and judges.

The way I see it, the Church should be a place of refuge, for sick souls, and the members should rejoice when a 'wounded bird' flies in from the cold. Just as healthy people do not need to check into a hospital, neither do saints have need for the Church.

These self-righteous people must check themselves, and realise that all roses have thorns.


Dear N.F.,

You were talking sense at the beginning of your letter, and I found myself agreeing with you until you got to the place where you found it convenient to attack the Church. You say that healthy Christian people do not need the Church. That is nonsense. Everybody needs the Church. It is people who make up the Church. They are called believers, and believers need each other whether they are physically healthy or spiritually ill. The statement you have made clearly shows that you do not understand the purpose of the Church.

It is true that some people ignorantly say what they are ought not to reveal publicly during testimony times, because they are so very personal. On the other hand, many of the people who say certain things in their testimonies believe they are giving glory to God for His mercy and blessing to them. And they do not expect other Christians to use what they have said against them or to condemn them.


It is not the person who testifies about God blessing who should be ashamed of themselves, because whatever sins they had committed are in the past. As the Bible says, they are under the blood of Christ. The shame is on those persons who mock the Christians who speak of God's grace and deliverance.

You say that there are persons who sit in the Church as jurors, judges and prosecutors, etc, and then condemn them. I don't know of such persons who take on this role in a church. But I do know that from time to time, young Christians who have not yet come to a proper understanding of how to give a testimony say things that may cause others to marvel, and these members who heard them repeat such to those who were not in attendance at Church.


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