Wanna quit my good job and travel


June 08, 2017

Dear Pastor,

Thank you for responding to my previous letter. You've really helped. Thank you very much.

I am writing to you for your advice. I am 24 years of age. I have done really well, such as attending school, college and UWI. I got a degree and now I have a really good job. It is with a great company and they have offices all over the world. They are also leaders in their sector. I've made my family proud. They look up to me, and I'm the person they always looked to for assistance.

All along, my aim was to get a mortgage and try and get my boyfriend to live here in the United Kingdom with me. He lives in Jamaica. However, I don't know, maybe my boyfriend has some influence. But I no longer want to get a house right now. Instead, I want to save up and go travelling for six months.

I am thinking of quitting my job and go to Jamaica for three months to spend time with my boyfriend, and spend the other three months visiting places like Dubai, Thailand, etc. However, I won't lie, there is a possibility I could end up spending the full six months in Jamaica.

I told my mum I want to go travelling and she asked me about my job. I dislike it when people ask that. I no longer want to do the norm. I don't want to get another degree, or to get a house and settle down. I want to travel and explore.

My job is a great job, and I am very lucky to have it. But I want to travel, because I can always get another job. My plan is to save up as much money I can for a year, quit my job, and then go travelling. I will then come back to the United Kingdom, get another job, and save to buy a house, and try to get my boyfriend here in the United Kingdom.

Do you think it's a bad idea to quit my job and go travelling?

Thank you for your advice.


Dear C.C.,

You have been very fortunate to get a good foundation. Instead of cherishing this job and using it as a stepping stone to excel further, you are thinking of giving up the job to go on trips, including coming to Jamaica to visit your boyfriend. Now, I do not wish to condemn you for wanting to come to see this young man you love so much, but to be with him for three months is too long.

Perhaps what you are trying to say is that you would love for this man to get you pregnant. And how much money would you have to take you to these other countries? You are not thinking right, and I hope that your boyfriend would discourage you from giving up your job.

I hate to think what you seem to want to become in the space of six months. If your guy means you any good at all, he would discourage you from making such plans. And what guarantee would you have of getting another good job after you have wasted precious time travelling.

You want to travel, and nothing is wrong with that. But now is not the time for you to do so. Unless travelling is a part of your job, you need to use only your vacation to do so. And you should not be away from your job for more than two weeks. Most people travel the world after they have bought their own home, paid off their mortgage, educate their children, etc. Sometimes persons can get good deals to go to visit other countries in groups, but that's not what you are talking about.

Therefore, I am afraid that I cannot encourage you to do what you plan to do. If you do not agree with my comments, you may make an appointment and go to see a family counsellor in your area.


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