My wife is ungrateful


June 09, 2017

Dear Pastor,

When you tell these women to leave men who cheat, you are encouraging them to go and look for other men to fool them.

I took this woman in with three children. I did my best for her and her children. I educated the children. I did not have a clue that while I was doing my best for her children, this woman was encouraging them to be disrespectful to me. The girls had men coming to the house and having sex with them. When I objected to it, my woman said that I should change because we are in modern times.

I came home one night and saw a man making out with one of the girls in the couch. When I went into our bedroom, my wife was fast asleep. I had to come back in the living room and ask the man to leave, and my woman was upset over that.

Didn't I have the right to talk in my own house?

The children are now encouraging their mother to leave me, and for them to rent a house by themselves and live without me.

My wife is ungrateful. When I took her with these children, they were just babies and sleeping on the floor. Yet, she is encouraging them to disrespect me. So pastor, when these women complain to you about men, they are not always speaking the truth.

Many times they do not treat the men well.


Dear D.R.,

Perhaps your woman is very careless, and you seem not to understand how counselling works. I judge every matter on its own merit, one matter at a time. No blanket statement. If a woman is wrong, she is wrong and I tell her so. If a man is wrong, I tell him he is wrong.

What I do not do is condemn every woman because she has made mistakes. Your woman might have done something wrong, but you have totally lost control over your house. And your woman ought not to encourage the girls to be disrespectful to you. They are not only disrespectful, they are ungrateful, and you should be happy if they leave your house.

They are to remember that you took them from nothing, so to speak, and you have made them into something. Don't be discouraged, dear sir. Better days are ahead of you. Trust in the Lord.

If your woman and her children want to go, don't fight for them to remain. You don't want girls, or anybody for that matter, to be disrespectful to you at your age, and as you grow old.


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