I cursed my nosy neighbour


June 10, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am having a problem. I am a young woman, and I am still living at home. My mother died, but my father is very strong, and my brother and I are with him. I work with the government. I have a boyfriend, but my father is a Christian. I am in the church, but I do not always have the time to go out with my boyfriend, so he comes to visit me.

My brother is not always here, so my boyfriend spends time with me, and then leaves. One of my neighbours saw him leaving early one morning and she mentioned it to my father. My father asked me about it, and I admitted that my boyfriend fell asleep. My father told me that he is not objecting to my boyfriend visiting me, but I should not let him sleep over. He told me who informed him. I saw the neighbour and I gave her piece of my mind.

Pastor, I suspected that after my mother died, she had her eyes on my father. I told her that she can never be my stepmother because she couldn't walk in my mother's shoes. She told my father everything I told her. So I looked out for when she was leaving her house, and was on the road, and I 'peppered' her with bad words. But this time I denied everything when my father asked me.

I told my father that I didn't use those words. But, Pastor, I did. I told her my mind. My father told me that if I used those words I should ask the woman for pardon. I will never apologise to her. I will tell her some more. Excuse me, Pastor. I shouldn't tell you these things, but some neighbours should mind their own business. What happened in my house between me and my boyfriend is not her business.

She has daughters, and I know that they have taken men to her house, and I will never tell on them.


Dear L.C.,

Girls take chances all the time. I am not saying it is right, but they do. They slip boys into their rooms while their parents are sleeping. Fathers should never swear that their daughters will not do certain things. They may never know. But here is the good thing about you. Your father heard about you having a man in his house. He asked you, and you admitted it. He didn't say that your boyfriend should not visit you. He told you that you should not allow him to sleep over, and he also told you who informed him that your guy was seen coming from his house.

I wish you had not cursed the neighbour. I am sure that she was shocked at the way you behaved. So, she reported you again to your father. You suspected that this lady loves your father. You could be right, but you could be wrong. I doubt your father would admit that. He probably doesn't even know that she likes him.

You probably see what your father does not see. You have never liked this woman, so you took the opportunity to blast her with expletives. You must learn to control yourself. Remember, you do not want her to see you as someone who is disrespectful and out of order. I hope that you would follow the advice of your father, and that when your boyfriend visits you, he would leave at a reasonable time.


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