Cheating on my girl with my mom's friend


June 12, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am living with my girlfriend; both of us have been together for almost five years. She is a hard worker. When I met her, she was already on her own.

My girlfriend and I were together for a year before I moved in with her. There is no question that this girl is my wife.

I have been having an affair with a woman who is a good friend of my mother. She is in my mother's age group. My mother suspected that there is something going on between us, but the woman denied it.

Whenever I am broke, I could always get money from this woman. If she did not see me for a week, she would fret. She was once married, but her husband passed away suddenly.


This woman lives alone. She has a perfect body and does not look her age. She told me that she would never get married again because no man can take her husband's place, except me.

Whenever I can get away, I go to see her. She is always ready to have sex with me.

The last time we had sex was on Valentine's Day. She called me and asked me to stop by because she had a Valentine's gift for me.

She got me into her room and I tried to fight my way out, but I couldn't. I had to spend most of the evening with her and I had to lie to my girlfriend that I was on duty.

This woman did a crazy thing to get me to stay. She hid my underpants and my shirt. She told me that if I made any fuss, she would call my girlfriend and tell her where I was.

I want to purchase a car. She is offering me J$3 million if I buy the car in both our names. I told her to give me a loan, but she does not want to do that.

This woman wants me to leave my girlfriend and come to her. Sometimes I wonder if I should tell my mother the truth.

Pastor, I can get this woman to buy the car for me and not pay her back a cent, if I decide to leave my girlfriend.

Sometimes when my girlfriend and I are together, this woman calls my number and hides her number, but I know that she is checking up on me to see where I am.

She is not making any trouble between my girlfriend and I, but she is there. I really need to get the car, so what do you suggest, Pastor?


Dear E.T.,

You need to come clean to your mother and to your girlfriend, and you should stop going to this woman's place. In fact, you should stop calling her.

You have already told her that you have a girlfriend. Therefore, you should not make any business transaction with her unless your girlfriend agrees, and I see no reason why she would agree for you to do so.

If this woman wants a man, she should seek one. She has already told you that you are the only one that could fit her criteria.

She might be lying to you, but at least she knows what to tell a man to swell his head.

Your mother is not a fool, she knows her friends very well. And she knows her son, too. She sees how both of you relate to each other, so she knows that the relationship is not just platonic.

You are fortunate to have found a young woman who loves you and is giving you a very comfortable place to live.

You would be very foolish to allow this woman to destroy the good relationship that you have with your girlfriend.

If you see the need for you to have your own vehicle, you should first discuss the matter with your girlfriend and then borrow the money from the bank or a credit union and purchase a car.

Do not borrow the money from this widow or allow her to purchase the car with her money. If you do, you are going to destroy the sweet relationship that you have with your girlfriend.

And if you don't do what is right and continue to be in the life of this woman, your girlfriend should kick you out of her apartment.


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