I think this girl is too freaky for me


June 16, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am a 25-year-old man and I have been trying to find a wife. I saw a girl online and I got to know her. I am a Jamaican, but I haven't been living in Jamaica.

I wanted to marry somebody from home.

When I saw this girl and started to talk to her, I became very interested. I asked one of my sisters to check her out and my sister said she is a lovely girl, with good shape but she is a little short.

Her height didn't bother me. She sent me pictures of her private parts. The first time she did that, I was surprised. But I asked for more and she sent me more.

I came to Jamaica and met her and I really fell in love. But I have some concerns. She lives on her own and when I looked in her phone, almost all the pictures in her phone are guys.

Although she assures me that she is not fooling around, I have my concerns.

She has rings on her ears - three on each side - on her navel, and in her tongue. I can deal with the rings on her ears and her navel, but I can't deal with one in her tongue.

I am a Christian and I am trying to get her to go to church, but she is not interested. She says that she loves me. I like this girl, but I think she is too popular with the guys.

I now feel that I will have to go back to my old girlfriend who is not Jamaican, but who is not pierced all over her body.

I would like to hear your comments.


Dear S.B.,

If you do not wish to go further with this woman, you should tell her so now. When she sends you pictures of her private parts, that should have given you a hint that this girl wasn't conservative.

She was quite willing to show you all, and perhaps she has shown other men, too.

Your sister told you that she was a good girl and you believed her, so you pursued her. Now that you have seen her, you cannot handle her very well.

You are turned off by the excessive ear and tongue piercings. So, if you are planning to walk away, do so early.

You would love for her to go to church, but if she is not interested; don't try to force her. She may go just to please you for a while, but she may rebel and cease attending because her heart is not in it.

Walk away, my friend, walk away.


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