Accused of cheating for helping a woman


June 19, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I met a woman who had four children and was pregnant with the fifth child. I did not know she was pregnant until I was driving on the Red Hills Road and she stopped me, and I could see that she was crying. I asked her where she was going and she said Half-Way Tree. I told her to come in the car and I asked her why she is crying. She told me that she left the children at home with their grandmother and she was going to see if she could find the father of the last one. She said she hasn't seen him, and the children did not have anything to eat.

Pastor, I gave her some money, and I also gave her my cell phone number. But I didn't take hers because I didn't want to get involved with her. She called me in the evening and said she had bought some chicken back and rice and so on, but while cooking the gas went out and she wanted to know if I could help her get some gas. I picked her up and bought her the gas and told her that she shouldn't call me again because I am living with my children's mother.

The following Sunday evening, I was home with my family and this woman's daughter called. I had told her not to call me. My wife asked me who was that and I told her it was just a young girl who was calling to talk to me about her mother. I was talking the truth.

My girlfriend dialled the number and told the lady not to call back. The woman refused to talk to my girlfriend. Now, my girlfriend wants to know if a woman can just see a man and claim him just like that. She still thinks I am lying.

Pastor, some of these women, when you tell them the truth, they don't believe. You tell them lies, and they believe. I am taking the blame, and I am not playing the game. Now, when my phone rings, my girlfriend demands that I must answer it because it might be my babymother calling.


Dear W.N.,

I don't know how truthful this lady was to you. I am not saying that she didn't have children at home and that they were hungry and she needed help to buy food, but from the tone of your letter, this woman was looking for more than just a man who could help her.

On that occasion when she stopped you, any man would give her help if he could. She didn't give the impression that she wanted a man who would take her to bed. She wanted a man who would give her money, and she succeeded in getting that. Then she wanted gas and you gave her that. I don't know what else she wanted when her daughter called.

From the first day you met her, you should have told her that you are living with a woman and that you don't have any interest in having another woman in your life. I could understand why your girlfriend at home accused you of having something deeper than you explained. Try and save your relationship with the woman you have at your house. So, block all calls from this new woman.


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