Uncertain about getting married to a divorced man


June 19, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I've been with my spouse for three years now, we have our ups and down like any normal relationship. However, we love each other, and we have a son together. We don't live together because we are unable to find a suitable place to rent. We want to get married.

We were both baptised, and occasionally we visit church. But there is one thing that is keeping us from making this step. He is divorced, and we that know in the Bible it says that God doesn't like divorce.

Please explain if there is any biblical ground under which we can get married and where in the Bible can we find them.

Thanks in advance.


Dear N.C.,

You say that God doesn't like divorce, and that is in the Bible, so why would you want me to tell you where that is found? When you became involved with this man, you were not concerned about whether or not he was divorced. Now that both of you have a child, the main reason why you are not living together is that you cannot find a place that is affordable.

If you seriously want to get married, I would gladly officiate for you. But I would do so if it is your desire to serve the Lord by rededicating your life to him. What I don't want you to do is try to find excuses for not getting married, on the grounds that the Bible is against divorce. Even if the Bible is against divorce, would you and this man stop having sex? I am sure that you wouldn't.

If you need further help from me, contact my office and I would be glad to help both of you.


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