I cried when my aunt was having sex


June 26, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I have something to tell you. I was living with my aunt. My aunt used to sleep in the room next to mine when I was a child. It was a board house. I used to hear my aunt and her man having sex every night, but I did not understand what they were doing.

One night I started to cry and I shouted out to the man that he should stop hurting my aunt. In the morning, I got a fine scolding from my aunt. I did not know, until I was much older, that it was the sex that was causing my aunt to react that way.

The bottom line, is adults should consider kids before engaging in the act of sex.


Dear Anonymous,

Now that you are an adult and understand why some women make noise and behave as if their men are killing them during sex, you can have a laugh at how naOve you were when you were living with your aunt and heard her groaning. Some men do groan, too; they make lots of noise.


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