My mother-in-law is too meddling


July 03, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I have been living with a man for two years. He is 22 and I am 20. I am going to evening school, but I work during the day.

He wants to go to school, too, but he is willing to let me go first and then he would enrol after. His mother has been cursing him every day and calling him fool.

She told him that when I get through, I am not going to help him go to school.

We were having sex on Father's Day and he put me in a very uncomfortable position and shouted out, "I want to get you pregnant because I believe my mother".

I asked him why he always has to be talking about what his mother says and he told me mothers are always right.

I love him so much, but he believes everything his mother tells him. If he helps me I would try to help him, too. But his mother doesn't believe that I can be trusted.

What can I do, pastor?


Dear T.J.,

You mentioned the position in which your boyfriend placed you on Father's Day. You would observe that I deleted that. My reason for doing so is because children read this column and they will be all over the place trying to get others to explain that position.

Now concerning your boyfriend's mother. I don't think you should pay any attention at all to what she says. If your boyfriend wants to take advice from her, it is up to him.

Mothers do feel that they have a right to give their sons advice. Nothing is wrong with that.

You are a single woman and he is helping you to attend school. I would suggest that you try to encourage him for both of you to go to school together and for him not to wait until you have completed your studies.

Both of you can make sacrifices and give each other moral and financial support.


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