Can't handle my new girlfriend


July 05, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 51 and I am having a problem. I tried to call you many times, but I can't get through. My situation has got worst, so I have to write.

Pastor, my wife divorced me three years ago. I didn't do her anything. She said she needed a change. She left my house and tangled up herself with a younger man.

I took it hard because I really loved her.

One year after she left, she called me and said she regretted leaving and she wanted me to forgive her and take her back.

I told her that whatever help she needs, I would assist her. But I am not going back into that barrel because I don't know what is at the bottom.

One of her sisters called me about a week after and told me that her sister made a mistake, so I should try and forgive her and take her back.

I told her sister no, I am not going there again because I loved her and she still walked out on me.

I became friendly with another woman. She was much younger than I. We got along well, but when it came to sex, she was never satisfied.


She used to go out and look for her man and come back before I got home. I suspected that she was going out, and then people started to tell me that they saw her in town.

When she is at home, her telephone would never ring. She always had it off. Mine would ring and she would even answer it, because I had nothing to hide.

This girl did not work. She said she would stay home and take care of me. She has one little girl, and the child lives with her grandmother.

I am having a little problem, so I don't get 'hard' all the time. This woman would pull me so hard down there, as if she was pulling my penis out of its socket.

One night, she pulled me so hard I had to cry out, which caused my neighbour to come over, asking what's wrong. I had to tell him that nothing was wrong, it was just my woman and I playing.

The gentleman asked me why was I crying. I spoke to her about her conduct and asked her if she was trying to kill me.

We had a big argument and the following day she packed some of her things and left. She didn't come back until two days later.

When she came back, I told her to take the rest of her things and leave, but she is still here.

I do not want her to stay. I could use two of the guys in the area who respect me and call me elder to get her out, but I don't want to do that.

I am not sleeping with her anymore.


Dear P.N.,

You are a grown man. Don't allow any woman to use you and turn you into a fool. I am sorry to hear that your wife walked away from you and your marriage crashed.

Evidently, she went out and she thought life would have been easy for her, but it wasn't. I can't blame you for not taking her back.

My dear brother, you are a normal man and you felt the need for a woman, but this present woman is too hot for you to handle. She doesn't love you. She is after your money.

What she did to you indicates that she doesn't want you to function at all, for the rest of your life. Even if this woman were to come crawling on her knees, tell her you do not want her.

Don't get the young guys in your neighbourhood involve. And I would say to you, don't eat from this woman. You will never know what she will do.


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