Sisters fighting over freaky sight


July 12, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 18 years old and I have two sisters. I am the youngest of them all. My mother is living with us, but my older sisters are paying the rent.

We have three bedrooms. My mother and I occupy one and my sisters have their own rooms. I don't sleep with them in their rooms at all.

My mother's room has its own bathroom and my two sisters have a bathroom between their rooms. My sisters have an agreement that their boyfriends can come and visit them, but they should not stay over.

One night, my two sisters had their boyfriends in their rooms and when it was after midnight, my sister, who lives in the front room, was having sex with her boyfriend and my other sister's boyfriend walked through the room and saw them having sex.

The following day my sister who was having sex with her boyfriend cursed my sister who lives in the back room and said that her man did not have to pass through her room, to leave.

My sister said what hurt her was that she and her man did not have on any clothes, and they were not having regular sex. Now, my sister who lives in the back room is asking my sister in the front room to find a place to go.

My mother heard the quarrelling, but she doesn't know what it was about. They pulled me into their argument and each one tried to get me on her side.

Pastor, it is not my business but I know if my sister leaves, we will have to give up the house because one person cannot pay all that rent.

My mother is not working and I am still going to school.


Dear M.T.

Your two sisters should just cool it. Clearly, a mistake was made, but sisters don't have to curse and carry on. Locks are put on doors for a reason and what your sister should have done while engaging in sex was to lock her door.

The male visitor should have knocked and wait until he was told to walk through. He is wrong to open the door and pass through.

Evidently, the doors were unlocked and this male visitor didn't have any manners to knock on the door.

Even if she was having sex with her boyfriend, and he had knocked on the door, she could have responded by telling him to wait a minute or come.

I repeat, he had no right to just open the door and walk through.

I hope your sisters will come to their senses and remain right where they are living, and not split up the family because of this incident.


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