Many people being fooled by their younger lovers


July 13, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I wish you many blessings and hope that you are doing great. We are the Murphys from Canada. We listen to your programme every night.

We were out one day and I was talking to my hubby, and I found it quite funny that the topic you were going to talk about that night was exactly what we were talking about earlier in the day.

We actually knew a few older men who were dating younger women and once they got what they wanted, they did not even acknowledge that it was those men who gave them the items or possessions that they have.

They also need to know that greed does not pay and it does not always last. Karma is ugly. God does not like ugliness.

Blessings, Pastor. Take great care of yourself.


Dear B.M.,

I thank you very much for writing and for informing me that you listen to the 'Dear Pastor' show. Many young women who have had relationships with older men have treated them well.

But a great number of them have abandoned these men after they have received their education and properties from them.

May God bless these young women who have been faithful to these older men.

The truth is, many older women prefer much younger men. And that is why these younger men believe that they can do anything with them.

Older women should be careful how they associate with men who are much younger than they are. And the children of these older women should always try to protect their mothers.

It seems to me that when older women are in love with younger guys, they don't think straight. I hope the ladies won't get mad at me.

People generally say that the young girls who associate themselves with older men are after their money. However, young guys are after older women's money, too.


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