One man to mi ting


July 17, 2017

Dear Pastor,

This argument about men sending women to school is unnecessary. When I met my man friend, I could hardly read. He took me in and told me to take care of the house.

He had a woman who used to come and go. She did not live with him but she was his woman because when she came, he did not sleep with me.

I slept in the helper's quarters. I didn't say a thing. I did not complain. I made breakfast for the both of them. She told me I should take care of him for her.

One weekend after she left, I refused to go back into his bedroom. When night came, he came around into my room and demanded that I should come back, so I went.

One evening she came by. We did not expect her and she saw me in his room. He tried to shield me by telling her that I was in there watching television with him and I fell asleep.

They had a big argument over that. I got up and went into my room and this woman never came back. This man sent me to school and I passed my exams.

Today I am doing my own business and he is proud of me. His children love me. I have never cheated on him.

We are still not married, but I know that he does not have another woman. When his friends ask him why he hasn't married me, he tells them that I am the one that does not want to get married.

But he is lying; I have never turned him down.

Some people say that I have tied this man to me. I told them that it is true, but it is with love and not with stew peas. He likes stew peas a lot.

No young man could get me to leave my old man. I do not need anything. I have everything. Pastor, it is not every young girl who will cheat on older men. Some of us are very faithful.

Now I can afford to have a day's worker. She cleans and takes care of the laundry, but this man does not want anybody else to cook his dinner but me.


Dear S.S.

You are a very fortunate young woman. You have met a man who has assisted you in every way possible.

He is a clever liar, and his girlfriend with whom he had a visiting relationship was not very smart.

Perhaps I should say that she trusted him so much that she believed everything he said, until she caught you in his bed.

From the very outset, you knew that this man and this woman were intimate friends and you played along by getting up and making breakfast for them whenever she was there.

The woman probably suspected that the man was having a special relationship with you and that is why she came one evening unannounced.

The relationship between her and this man ended without a physical fight. She saw that he had made you his queen and it was not necessary for her to try to hold on to him.

I am glad that you were able to go to school and that you have done well. I would suggest you don't take everything for granted and continue to live in concubinage.

It is in your interest that you gently persuade him to marry you.


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