Tragedy struck during sex in the bush


July 21, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 30 years old and I am from the country. When I was about 20 years old, I was at my parents' home, behind the house and among the bushes with my girlfriend, who was 19 at the time; we were lying down under the shade. We were there making out. She had taken off her top and her underwear, but she kept on her skirt. I didn't have anything on. One of my uncles passed by, but didn't see us. He went up to the house and called, but nobody answered because no one was in the house.

My uncle went in the house and took his woman in there, so I suspected that he had sex with her. He did not pass back where we were. I know the woman. She was along with another man in the district, so she was giving her man 'bun' and my uncle was the 'bunnaman'.

Pastor, tragedy struck me while I was in the bush having sex with my girlfriend. A coconut from the tree dropped on me, right on my head. I couldn't bawl out, but the sweet sex wasn't sweet anymore because of the coconut that hit me on my head. I laid there for a while; I couldn't do anything. My girlfriend started to cry. She couldn't go up to the house to get water to put on my head because my uncle would have seen her. When I felt better we got up. My head had a bump on it.

This girl and I got closer and now we are married. We talk about the chances we took when we were younger, and before we got married.

Pastor, I love your show and I love reading the column. Keep up the good work.


Dear E.W.,

I am glad that you and this young lady got married. I am also glad that the blow from the coconut did not cause you to seek medical attention in the hospital. You will never forget that incident. The young woman might have been so confused not knowing what to do at the time. Lots of people have sex in the bushes, so you are numbered among them.

You say your uncle was with a woman friend, and you assumed that he went to your parents' house and had sex with her, but you cannot be sure about that. You should be glad that he did not see you making love in the open. He might have called out to you and embarrass your woman, and then the woman he had with him might have spread it. Consider yourself fortunate.


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