Kids broke into my house and left urine in my refrigerator


July 24, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am writing you for your assistance with a serious problem, and I am hoping that you will be able to assist me. I am a male who inherited a home from my parents, and I have some undesirable persons living there. They have made my life a living hell and also a nightmare.

I have around four to five persons living on my premises. They have been living there for approximately 10 years and they are supposed to be tenants, but they have never paid me a cent. They always try and take from me and exploit me. They always go the extra mile to wear the latest clothes and to bleach their bodies.

I sit and ponder sometimes. God made us black, why should we fly into his face and try to turn white? We as Jamaicans must understand that we will never be able to look like the real white man, so whatever we are trying to prove won't work. We are just trying to get cancer. Whether you believe me or not, skin bleaching does cause cancer. Have you ever seen how some bleachers are unable to stay in the sun? They always have to have a towel over their face. I am glad to be black, and I am a proud Jamaican.


The sad part about the story is there are some children living in the community who are just let go and their parents are unable to manage them. They tend to steal from persons who reside in the community. The children steal things like bicycles and phones, and my house was broken into by some of the children who inadvertently eat my food from the refrigerator because they were hungry. How on earth can you send your children to school daily without eating breakfast but, yet still, you wear the latest fashion and always making sure that you are up to date, while your children walks, and beg or steal to survive? This is extremely bad.

Education is the way forward, and these children just can't realise that, so they go around being a nuisance to the decent law-abiding citizens of the community. These children are left to roam the streets and can be seen at late hours in the night; their parents aren't aware that they didn't sleep in their houses.

I would like to share a horrible experience that I had with these children from the community. They have broken into my house and ate my leftover food that I had put up for my breakfast the following day. The parents of these children refuse to feed them. On more than one occasion, these undesirable kids have broken into my house, stole my slippers and my money, and even went and did something which will rock the airwaves. They left a glass of urine in my refrigerator.

Pastor, I say shame to such situation. These children ought to be in HE Majesty care, in a child home where they can learn some discipline and be able to grow up the right way. I would never allow my child to be on the road at 3 a.m.

It is said that the children are the way forward, but in this community these children are the ones damaging the neighbourhood.

What advice can you give me and others who are constantly faced with these predicaments?

Distraught Citizen

Dear Distraught Citizen,

I suggest that you report the parents of these children to the police. You may call the police and ask them to direct you to the relevant department. I am sorry to know that you are suffering at the hand of these childre. You should deal with this matter before these children become hardened criminals.


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