He's sleeping with his boss' wife


July 26, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am a girl and I am writing you about one of my friends. He is 23 and so am I. He got a job as a driver and he told me that he is having sex with his boss' wife.

He said that the man does not have much time for his wife, so she buys him clothes and jewellery as gifts. He showed me an expensive watch that she brought for him from America.

I told him to be careful, but he is excited because the woman is near 60. Don't you think that he is too young to be involved with this woman?

The man has a farm in the country and his wife said that he has women working on his farm because he does not want her to go with him when he is going down to the farm.

But my friend likes that, because he gets to spend time with the woman and she gives him money.

He and I were better friends, but since I told him to leave that woman, he hardly talks to me. What advice can you give me to give to him?


Dear S.T.,

Tell me the truth. This man and you were not just social friends. Am I wrong in believing that both of you were very close and that you loved him?

I believe that what you are trying to say is that this young man has foolishly dumped you for another man's wife.

He is of course living dangerously, because if he is caught by this man having sex or whatever, he might lose his life.

I know that many older women inveigle younger men to go to bed with them and these young men are rather excited, but they are playing with fire.

This young man should not be having sex with this woman. And if indeed he is really doing so, he should keep his mouth shut, because this might get around to his boss, and his boss might set a trap for him.


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