I think she's giving him a jacket


July 26, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I have never been married, but I am living with a woman who is 37. When I was in my 20s, my twin brother and myself used to 'run women'.

We took it as fun to have sex with the same girls. One girl in particular told me that she hadn't seen her period.

But she said I shouldn't worry because if she were pregnant, she wouldn't give the child to me or my brother because she had a boyfriend and he wanted to get her pregnant.

Pastor, the child has turned out to be the 'dead stamp' of me. People always ask how come the child resembles me.

My brother is living in the US, but I am in Jamaica. One day, I was doing some work at a school and I saw the mother and I asked her if her man never asked her if that child is mine.

She said the child is not mine and I should leave it at that.

I am in a position to help that child. Do you think that I should demand a DNA?


Dear F.H.,

Your brother and you were worthless men. You treated girls like whores and the girls did not have good morals, either.

This particular girl was very careless and, I would say, bad. She had a man and yet she was having sex with your brother and yourself and promised both of you that she would say that it was that man who got her pregnant.

If she is now married and it is the same man with whom she had a relationship while your brother and yourself were having sex with her, you need to remain quiet and not stir up ants' nests.

That man has already accepted paternity. You should leave everything as it is.


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