She is using my money to mind her other children


July 28, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I have a child with a woman. She has other children, but they are not mine. My involvement with her was a one-night stand. Looking back now, I was probably half-drunk when I had sex with her.

How I ended up sleeping with her, I don't know. But I remember meeting her at a function and we were all drinking. My brother was there.

My brother told me that when it was time for us to leave, he took her home. I was going into her house with her when he told me to come and I told him to go ahead, so he left me at her house. I know the child is mine and I have been supporting her for the past year and a half.

I send the mother money, but the more I send her is the more she wants.

I am not married, but I am living with a woman. I told her about the child. The child's mother called the house and asked for me, and my girlfriend took her on and told her some dirty words. I called her back and told her that my girlfriend was wrong to insult her.

At the same time, I know that the amount of money I give to this woman is not all for the baby. She is using the money to help to support the other children she has. I love my little girl. I would like to get her away from her mother. How can I go about that? I am living in the USA.


Dear C.D.,

Don't even try to get this little girl from her mother. You made yourself a fool by becoming drunk and sleeping with this woman. You admitted that your brother was trying to get you to not stay with this woman when he took her home. But like a crazy man, you rushed right into danger and got yourself into trouble.

I am glad that you are supporting your child, continue to do so. If it is possible to help the mother otherwise, do so without complaining. Do not allow your girlfriend to become involved in this matter at all. And, I repeat, don't try to take the child away from her mother.


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