His mother dreamt that my baby isn't his


August 04, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 19 years old and I am five months pregnant. The man who got me pregnant says that the child is not his. I told him that if the child is not his, then he must know who the father is because he is the only man I was having sex with. For a whole year, no other man and I had sex. He said he told his mother that I am pregnant and she said it is not his child I am carrying, because she saw it in a dream.

I told him to ask his mother what is the name of the man she saw in her dream. If I knew that his mother was that type of person, I wouldn't have got mixed up in that family. But, whenever I go there, she receives me and talks to me as if she accepts me in the family. She even told me that she hopes it is a boy I am carrying, because she has granddaughters but no grandsons.


When my boyfriend told me what his mother said, I thought it was a joke. But when I asked him for money to buy things in preparation for the baby's birth, he told me I should ask the man who got me pregnant and he is serious about it. He is talking about doing a DNA test. I don't have any problem in doing the DNA test because I know I did not go with another man. But if I have to do a DNA test, I told him that I would leave him because that means he does not trust me.

I have never cheated on this man. I had the opportunity to cheat, but I didn't. I used to love him a lot. Now I don't love him as much because of what he told me. He told me that anything his mother dreams about is always true. When I have the baby and we do the DNA test, I would like to take the report to her and show her.

Pastor, do you believe in dreams? Sometimes I get headaches when I think of what my boyfriend says his mother told him.


Dear M.R.,

Do not pay any attention to what your boyfriend's mother says. Perhaps she believes in dreams, but this time her interpretation is wrong. You know that you have not gone to any man but your boyfriend, so try to be as calm as you can.

You say that she treats you well when you go to her house, so it is difficult to understand why she is putting a wedge between you and your boyfriend. She should know that by suggesting to her son that he is not the father of the child you are carrying it would put great doubt in his mind as to whether you have been faithful to him in the relationship. She is not a good mother. She is a big hypocrite.

I am afraid that I have to tell you that this woman does not like you. However, you have to be very careful not to give her son the impression that you are aware of that. Insist that this man gives you money to buy the necessary things for the baby. You may also warn him that you would seriously consider leaving him if he does not change his attitude towards you.


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