My boyfriend is lazy in bed


August 10, 2017

Dear Pastor,

My boyfriend is great when it comes to pleasuring me, but the problem is, he doesn't like to do more than one round and that affects my mood so much, but he doesn't even know.

When I spoke to him about it, he said I don't have anything to lose but he has, and when he works out his energy, he is not drinking any 'roots' to build back his body.

I cheated on him a few times. The guy I cheated on him with would do at least two to three rounds, and it wasn't even a full day. I remember on one occasion we did up to four rounds.

The man I cheated with is in his early 30s, while my boyfriend is in his mid-20s. As for me, I am a year out of my teens.

Sometimes I have to remind my boyfriend of his age, because he is not performing as a person at his age. He took it for a joke and laughed about it.

I am worried about our future years of togetherness. It is tempting for me to cheat, especially now that he doesn't make time for me anymore.

Lately, when I go to his house, he is always in a rush to go to see his family or friend. Sometimes I want to go to his house from in the morning and leave in the night, but he is not into that anymore.

Please give me your advice.


Dear S.D.,

You do not seem to be employed and you are shameless. Your mind is on sex 24/7. You seem to think that cheating is fun. You talk as someone who would kill your boyfriend.

You are comparing him with the man you are cheating with. I wish this young man would come to his senses and leave you. You are not a good girl. You should keep one man.


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