My lover stole my bed


August 11, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I greet you in my Father's name. I am a trying to be a Christian but I have many problems and I hope you will be able to help me. I am trying to keep one woman, but I have failed many times.

I have strong feelings for sex, but I cannot get married because I don't have a good job, and every girl I talk to wants money. The moment you start to talk to them, they are looking to you for money.

I met a girl and she said that she loves me and will work with me, but she had other men with me. She came to stay with me, but we broke up. She said I wanted too much sex.

She complained about everything. I only wanted sex twice per night, and she said my penis was too large. But, when my penis is erect, it is only six inches long, so that could not be the issue.


I found pictures in her phone from guys and pictures she sent to them and messages that caused me to believe that she cannot be trusted. Even secrets I told her, she told one of the guys.

Her mother and I got along well and she accused her mother of having a relationship with me. She even got into a fight with her mother because her mother stood up for me.

One day when I came home, I realised she left with almost all the furniture, including the bed that I bought when she came to stay with me. I could not find her for several days, and guess who she is living with now?One of the men she sent pictures of herself to.

She and this man are sleeping on my bed that she took from my house. She told people I put her out, but that is not true.


Dear E.H.,

You should be glad that this woman left you, and I want to suggest that you should leave her alone. You are not choosing female friends wisely. You need to get some professional help.

You should not just accept a woman's word and let her move in with you or you move in with her.

Evidently, you are a man who loves sex and it appears to me that you are overdoing a good thing. Twice a night in seven days is 14 times per week of sex.

That's a lot of sex. What are you trying to prove?

If you are very large as the woman says, not all women can deal with that. You say you carry six inches.

Some people say that size is ideal, others disagree. Perhaps you don't handle yourself well, so she is using your size as an excuse.

This woman left you because she really never loved you. She seems to be a bad girl. She thinks that you are not very smart.

The man that she went to live with didn't even have his own bed. She had to take your bed. I would suggest that you leave her with the bed and wish her well.

If you want to serve the Lord, commit yourself to him. You have not made a genuine commitment to him and that is why you are so confused.

Perhaps you need to read the gospel of John many times. It would help to change your life.


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