Counselling people is hard work


August 16, 2017

Dear J.M.

It is a fact that there were family counsellors/psychologists who have committed suicide after suffering deep depression. The same is true about some ministers of religion. I have said that regardless of whom the person may be, if he/she is having problems he/she should seek professional help. Counselling is a very strenuous work. It is demanding and one can burn out. Every counsellor needs a counsellor, so I am always willing to listen to those who are successful in this work. I pay no attention to those who take pleasure in criticising and condemning others.

Folks have asked me over the years, how is it that I am able to do this work, and I say to them that I rely heavily on Jesus Christ, who was the greatest counsellor. I deal with problems on their own merit. I keep informed of what is going on in the field of psychology, and I have learnt not to condemn anyone regardless of what the circumstances might be. I am not afraid of criticism. Like Benjamin Franklin, I say, "My critics are my friends." I would rather be criticised by speaking the truth than to do nothing.

Counselling is a part of my Christian vocation. I love it. I have enjoyed it and I have been deeply blessed by this aspect of my ministry. I thank you for your encouragement. Continue to pray for me, and may God bless you.


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