My friend wants to pay me for sex


August 16, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I absolutely love what you do. I purchase THE STAR every day just to read your column. I've always wanted to write to you, but I just got the courage to do so. I'm 17 years old, and I have an issue. I met an older guy when I was 15, and we have been very good friends for two years. He's like an older brother to me.

Recently, we were talking and I mentioned to him that I was having some money issues, and he said that he could help me out. He said he would give me $25,000 just for me to have sex with him, and he even showed me the money. I told him I would have to think about it because I've never imagined myself having sex for money. He said that the offer is still on the table and I can come visit him at anytime.

Pastor, I've never felt comfortable around this guy when I met with him in person. He tells me that he's 19 years old, but he looks so much older.


I currently have an 18-year-old boyfriend who works, but he does not make a lot of money. He gives me what he can afford, but it's nothing compared to what my friend offered me.

I talked to one of my close girlfriends about it, and she thinks I should take up the offer. She is my age also, and she has been with a lot of older men, and she takes money from them like it's nothing. Every day I think about what this man offered me just to have sex with him. I could do a lot of things with that money. My parents are struggling to find the money to send me to sixth form in September, so I do not want to ask them for anything.

What do you think I should do, Pastor? My friend said the choice is up to me and that he is not forcing me. He said he would even give me the money before I have sex with him.

Please, advise me on what you think I should do.


Dear T.C.,

Don't even think of taking this money from this man. You will never forget that you prostituted yourself for $25,000. You should stop considering this man your friend. Remember, you know, this man put a price on the sex. He asked you to have sex with him and he will give you the money. You have a boyfriend. He is struggling, but usually he assists you. He would continue to do so. Don't take the money from this man. I repeat, drop him as a friend.

It is likely that he would tell his friends that he offered you money for sex and you accepted it. Your boyfriend might even hear and question you about it. Be on the safe side. Don't do anything stupid.


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