My woman is in love with another man


August 17, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I fell in love with this young woman and we have a son together, but I don't believe she loves me. She and her ex-boyfriend broke up three years ago and she told me that she is still in love with him. We hardly have sex. She told me that she doesn't like to have sex again, but she used to do it often with her ex-boyfriend.

I love her, pastor, but I can't bear it any longer. She doesn't want to leave where she lives because she wants to see her ex-boyfriend. When she comes to my place, she cries. I told her to go to him, and she says that the guy doesn't want her. When I told her that I am leaving, she says that I never loved her.


Dear G.M.,

I don't need to tell you that this lady really doesn't love you. However, it is convenient for her to have you as a friend. The man she calls her ex-boyfriend is angry with her because you impregnated her and he finds it difficult to believe that she loves him and allowed you to get her pregnant. You fail to see that this woman is not happy with you and she doesn't not want to live with you. She is still trying to convince her ex-boyfriend that having a child for you is the biggest mistake that she has ever made. And if he gives her an opportunity to prove herself, she will love him forever and ignore you.

Sir, I suggest that you allow this woman to do whatever she wants to do. Just make sure that you support your child.


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