My man only wants sex


August 26, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 18 years old and I am having problems with my boyfriend. He is 25 years old. He claims that he loves me but he never shows it.

At times, he gives me money and things, but because he knows that I am soft-hearted, he takes advantage of my love.

Whenever I go to visit him at his house, he hardly wants to spend time with me. When I am there all he does is take off my clothes and wants to have sex with me, and when he is finished, he tells me to get ready to go back home.

I can never sit and talk with this man. He always has reasons why I can't stay longer. He always tells me not to cheat on him.

I am confused and frustrated about what to do. I need your advice. I love him, but if breaking up with him is the answer, I guess I just have to do so.


Dear J.G.,

You don't need me to tell you that your boyfriend is having a relationship with you for one reason only. And that is for you to satisfy his sexual desires. He is 25 and you are 18.

He doesn't see any reason to have you for anything else but sex. He might even have another girlfriend who visits him, and that could be the reason why he is always in a hurry to have sex with you and then for you to leave. He doesn't want any of his girlfriends to come and see you there.

I hope that you are not having unprotected sex with him. If you are, you should thank God that he has not impregnated you.

His attitude should tell you he does not care about you and that this relationship is not going anywhere. Therefore, you should move on. End the relationship with him.

Don't go back to his house and don't call or text him at all.


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