If I don't get a job, I might kill myself


August 30, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I live in St Thomas. I am very depressed right now. I just finished high school in June and here I am at home doing nothing.

I sent out six job application- letters for a part-time job and haven't received any calls. I don't know if it's because of my age or what. I'm also in debt.

As a 16-year-old, I shouldn't be. The reason I want a job is because I want to pay off my debt.

My mom isn't working and she has four of us. I'm the first child for my mom and the only boy for her as well. My dad has been living in the UK before I was born and he doesn't support me.

My great-grandmother is retired for almost 14 years now and I'm currently staying with her for the time being.

Before I finished high school, I tried signing up for the National Youth Service Summer Programme, but I was told that I'd have to be 17 years old to register.

I will become 17 in September. So, I have decided that I will sign up for the HEART Trust-NTA. So I am just waiting until next month to sign up.

If I could get a job to work at nights, I will accept it and attend the programme in the day.

I'm also low on a few things like clothes and shoes, so I really need any help that I can get. I have to be wearing the same set of clothes and shoes into town almost every week.

I'm also a suicidal person, I tried committing suicide three times and I'm thinking of doing it again because my life is complicated. If I could get a job right now, that might just save me.

Tell me what to do. Is there anything you can do to help me out?


Dear R.E.,

I regret hearing that you have thought about committing suicide. You need not attempt to do so.

Life is too precious to throw away. I do understand how difficult it is for you. Those who would help you are unable to do so because they are not working.

But you should not give up. You should take a positive attitude towards life. You have written a few letters and no one has employed you as yet; but someone will if you would keep knocking on their doors.

You have not said anything about church, but I would like to suggest that you should go to the minister of your church and ask him to help you.

If you do not go to church, and no pastor knows you well, I suggest that you ask your member of parliament for help. Be willing to work in a supermarket or hardware store until you are able to get what you want to do.

What I am trying to say is that you should be willing to do any job that is available, until you get what you want.

Right now, you are discouraged, but even if I could help you gather some clothes and shoes, you have not mentioned your size.

Therefore, I suggest that you call my office at 929-1667 and talk to my assistant. She will take your information and pass them on to me.

When you feel low in spirit, read your Bible and pray. Go to church and find Christian people with whom you can have fellowship.


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