I really want to serve the Lord


September 01, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 16 years old, and I would like to become a Christian. I have been advised to read the Bible, andthere are some terms in it that I don't fully understand. I am weak, and at school it seems like the devil is assigned to every student.

Pastor, there are so many things I would love to overcome, but I think I can do so if I become a Christian. I am asking you, Pastor, who seems to be anointed, to pray for a divine intervention into my life. I await your reply.


Dear A.W.,

You did not say whether or not you attend church. However, I am glad to hear that you have a desire to serve the Lord. I would also like you to know that it is not unusual for a girl your age to feel confused over spiritual things. Many voices are around. People try to convince young people to follow their religious convictions. Each one believes that he or she is right. Therefore, I have always insisted that no one should push religious teachings on the other.

Temptations can be very strong. It is not a sin to be tempted. Jesus Christ was tempted, but he never sinned. If you yield to temptation, you sin. Birds may fly over your head. You cannot avoid them from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from making a nest over your head. And if you were to yield to temptation, make sure you ask the good Lord to help you not to make the same mistake again.

I started out by wondering whether you attend church because parents should spend time in teaching their children about Christianity from the time they are very young.

They should introduce them to the church they attend. But if their children have come to the place where they would not embrace the teachings of their parents' church, the parents should not prevent them from following their religious convictions.

I suggesting to you that you should read the Gospel of John. Read it chapter by chapter, and it will help you to understand what Jesus meant when he spoke about being "born again". Don't be anxious to join a church, but do your best to serve Christ by believing in him. You have to embrace Christ as your personal Saviour. Don't let anyone confuse you. Ask God to lead you by his Holy Spirit to make the right decisions. When a person comes to know Christ as Saviour and Lord, the Holy Spirit leads them day by day. It doesn't mean that you would become perfect. No one is perfect. Every man or woman is a sinner, but the Holy Spirit gives strength to every man who serves Christ.


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