My friend's husband wants me


September 15, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am unable to reach you by phone, so I have decided to write to you. I have a friend. The two of us have been friends since primary school. We went through high school and then we started to get interested in guys. Guys used to fool around us, but we didn't take them on. When we were in upper-sixth form, we started to accept dates.

The first guy I went out with dated me and also dated my friend the following week. He was a nice guy. He did not impress me, but he impressed her. When we met, we discussed everything he said to both of us.

After sixth form, I went abroad to study. My girlfriend stayed in Jamaica and went to UWI. They got married and have three children.

I never got married. Now this man is telling me that he made a mistake by marrying my friend, and that I am the one who should have been his wife, and he is hoping that it would become possible.

Pastor, some men can never be satisfied.


Dear P.E.,

You are an educated woman. Tell that man to go and stuff his head in an ant nest, and kindly inform his wife about what he had said to you.

Don't encourage him when he raises that sort of conversation with you.


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