Little fellow no longer lively


September 19, 2017

Dear Pastor,

My wife and I had an argument. She accused me of having an affair. She said that her friend saw me with this young girl several times. I denied it, but I was aware that she was talking the truth.

This girl was a teenager who I supervised at work about a year ago. I am in my 40s. My wife says that she knew I was fooling around because of the way I started to dress. She insists that I am going through my menopause. I told her she was talking foolishness because men don't go through menopause.

Is it true that men go through menopause? Isn't that for women? My wife says that men who are going through menopause prop up themselves as their bodies change.

Help me, pastor. Tell me what you know about menopause in men.


Dear D.L.,

Your wife is very observant. She has indeed seen changes in you. What you are going through is known as viropause or andropause. "The male menopause is the steady decline of testosterone production in middle-age and older men".

Men who are going through andropause experience that it takes longer for them to have erections. The erection might not be as firm as before. They may not experience forceful ejaculation and their testicles may shrink, and the scrotal sac droops.

A woman should never cease making love to her husband because even as he goes through andropause, he has a desire to be loved and to experience closeness. Therefore, it is wise for a woman to help her man to become hard and steady. He is her man and he may need to be touched during andropause, because that 'little fellow' may not be working as he used to, and may need his wife to help him along.


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