Stuck with my cheating babyfather


September 20, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am a 23-year-old woman with a three-year-old child. Right now, I feel depressed because I cannot get a job to help myself financially.

My child's father supports our child and me, but I want to end the relationship with him.

We don't live together. I wanted things to work out between the both of us but he has cheated on me so I don't trust him anymore, not even one bit.

I love him but I really want to leave him and get over him. I just cannot let go of the fact that he has cheated on me. Sometimes I feel suicidal because I can't leave him as yet because he's supporting me.

Pastor, I would love to get over him so that I can start to heal. I await your response.


Dear T.R.,

If you truly want to leave this man, you will find a way of doing so. You say you are with him because you cannot support yourself.

You can't afford to leave him, but at the same time you say can't live with him because he has cheated. If you love him, you should forgive him and if you can't forgive him, you would have to find a place to go.

Go back to your parents' home if they have room to accommodate you or do something. Don't stay at his house and enjoy food and shelter, when deep down you hate this man.


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