I performed oral sex on a stranger


September 27, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 21 years old, and I have a boyfriend. I have been having sex with my boyfriend since I was 18 years old. I met another man when I went to the beach. I had on a skimpy bathing suit. My friend had her boyfriend with her, but I didn't have anybody. The man called me, and I was glad to go to him. He offered me a drink from the bar, but I told him I was hungry, so he bought me chicken and jerk pork.

He told me that he was in Jamaica on business. I told him that I know that Americans come to Jamaica and fool up our girls because one of my friends was fooled by a man who told her that he wasn't married, but months after she found out that he was married. He said he didn't have to do that. He has two children, and in the night when we met again, he showed me pictures of his wife and his children. He asked whether I had a boyfriend, and I told him that I have a guy, but the relationship was not tight.

We went dancing. I told him that I could stay with him in the night, but he said no. He didn't want me to stay at his hotel, so we went to another place and we had sex.


We had sex from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. I never had sex for so long. I asked him what he was taking and he said nothing. I am not ashamed to tell you that I got tired of having sex with him. But to have him 'cum', I went down on him. This man made me love him, but when we left the hotel about 9 o'clock in the morning, he told me that he could not see me again. He refused to give me his number because he doesn't want me to call his house.

I have his picture. Do you think I should put it on Facebook because I want to see him again? He gave me $21,000 and wished me well. He has my number. That's the most money I have ever received from a man, because I have never sold sex. I think of this man all the time. I would like him to know I miss him.


Dear C.K.,

It would not help you if you were to put this man's picture on Facebook. Both of you have had a brief sexual relationship, and the man told you that he did not want you to call him, and he was not going to call you. He is a married man. Go back to your boyfriend.

I hope you put your $21,000 to good use, and I hope that having received that sort of money, it would not encourage you to sell sex.

But, please, leave this man alone.


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