Boyfriend upset because I injured his penis


September 29, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 18 years old, and I am having a problem. My boyfriend, who is 32 years old, and I were together in his car. An argument developed between the both of us over sex. He wanted it, and I was not interested. He was there trying to force me, and although he was behind the steering wheel of his car, he tried to pull me over to him. I told him that he should leave me alone. One of the times when he pulled me, I slapped him, and he asked me if I can't see what is happening to him. He said he was having an erection and I hit him on his penis, and he shouted out, "What you doing?" He started to say that it was paining him, and that I am a wicked girl.

He bent over the steering wheel and couldn't drive for a while. I thought he was joking and seeking sympathy. He gave me money to take a taxi home. I called him later in the night, and he said he was still in pain not only his penis, but also his testicles. He said he did not want to see me again because I am a wicked girl.

I don't want to lose my boyfriend. I really need some help. He has been supporting me for over one year, and I made this stupid mistake and he is hurt.

Please, give me your advice.


Dear C.F,

You are young, and it does not appear that you meant to harm your boyfriend by hitting him on his penis. Am I wrong in believing that by hitting him in that area, you were trying to tell him to control himself? I suppose that is what you were trying to do.

He called you wicked because, like most men, they regard their penis as the most important part of their body. That is why when a man cannot have an erection, he frets. And if his wife should tell him he is no good, his condition worsens. So I could understand why he felt that you were trying to destroy him. Therefore, you are a wicked woman.

That area of a man is very sensitive, and every man wants to protect that area. So for a man to receive a blow on that area of his body, that would cause him to think that his woman does not care about him at all, and her aim is to probably destroy him and to make him unable to function sexually.

I know you did not mean to do so, therefore, you should try your best to convince him that you are sorry. Some may say that he deserves to be punished that way because he should respect a woman when she says no.


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